It was Shane’s ambition 10 years ago to deliver Five Star veterinary care when he carefully selected his team of vets and nurses.  Each member of staff at Braemar have their own pets, who are much loved and cherished members of their families, so they all understand the value of each pet to the family who love them and trust us to look after them.

Delivering high quality veterinary care brings its own rewards, many of the staff have been nominated for professional  awards and Lesley has won the very prestigious Veterinary Nurse of the Year award. It’s no surprise that the original team of Darragh, Roisin and Kate formed soon after our doors opened in 2005 still remain with us.

Over the years  we’ve grown and opened our second clinic in Dunmurry. We are privileged to have a first rate reputation because of our high standards of medicine and surgery from our experienced vets. We are proud of our cutting edge facilities and our compassionate Vets, Nurses, Receptionists and a Practice Manager who are all dedicated and passionate about pets.


Many of our pets live long and happy lives but many pet owners experience the sadness of finding their pet has been diagnosed with cancer.

Tragically half of all dogs and a third of cats over 10 years old will die from cancer. After trauma, cancer is the number one cause of death for pets over 2 years old. When faced with this diagnosis what people seek most of all is information, options and reassurance.

There have been so many advancements in human cancer treatment and Veterinary oncology is closely following human trends.

At Braemar, our experienced vets focus on offering informed advice and a variety of treatment choices to petowners who want to know what exists in modern cancer care for their pet. We aim to advance oncology in dogs and cats with the same enthusiasm, innovation, integrity and pride, as we have for our other disciplines.

We believe in improving the quality of animals’ lives and ending cancer in pets drives all we do.

The great news is that modern chemotherapy is tolerated extremely well by most pets with few side effects and many pets respond extremely well to the cancer treatment. 

If you are worried about any unusual lumps or bumps then don’t hesitate to just give us a call.